Stay Curious


Have you taken some hits to the ego or perhaps a soul slapping?

If so, more than likely you’ve learnt a thing or two about humility.

These experiences are a consistent reminder to check in, to remember to stay humble and seek curiosity.

When we ‘think’ we know it all, or have learnt everything we need to, then life becomes uninteresting (boring even) and slowly we become restless, seek things externally and disengage with life.

Slowly, those whispers and deep yearnings turn into screams; one way that life asks for our attention.

However, we don’t have to get slapped (or floored for that matter), if we realise this…

You are worthy of what you desire, but you are not entitled to it.

Life is a GIFT, not a guarantee.

Which is why genuine APPRECIATION must always be a priority.

When you can step aside from being centre stage, stay curious about others and appreciate your life for what it is now, you open yourself to a lifetime of evolution and elevation of consciousness. In other words, you LEVEL UP.

...and this is when life becomes REALLY interesting and fun!