Simplicity Is Stunning.


“Simplify, simplify, simplify, all else is but a distraction” - Henry David Thoreau


Thoreau was onto something when he sat and contemplated life by Walden Pond for two years…

I too, have experienced such contemplation in my own life and quickly realised that in today’s society it is a rebellious act to turn down the noise and a practice to simplify your life and surrender to stillness. A practice that most do not master in their lifetime.

Yet, most of us (consciously or unconsciously) deeply desire.

You’re probably asking “but where do I begin?”

It begins with directing your attention INWARDS, asking questions and listening to uncover clarity and to find peace amongst the chaos of ‘busyness.’

What begins as a shift in mindset, soon becomes a shift in your actions, then, a shift in the trajectory of your life, directing you towards an adventure of unity and purpose.

A journey that reveals who you are.

…and it all begins with using one of the most effective tools, (practiced for thousands of years); the practice of MEDITATION.