Love & Legacy


“...people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” - Maya Angelou.


There is no greater force for change than love.

Unconditional love that is.

We are constantly fighting each other because we are fighting ourselves.

We are needy for the world to change so that we can live in peace.

But what if we didn’t need a single thing in the world to change to feel content and peaceful in this moment?

How does the world look now?

What if each person did this; took responsibility for their emotional projections and turned their attention inwards, to shine a light on all the darkness within?

How would the world look like then?

The world isn’t this big, bad scary place. Yes there is war, poverty and separation.

But! The thought that we are seperate (whether that be by race, sex, religion or financial status) is the very thing that is perpetuating this divide in humanity.

Which, all stems from a lack of connection, acceptance and love for ourselves.

If we truly loved ourselves, EVERY aspect, than we would not feel the need to walk on one another with a sense of superiority, speak words of hatred, aggressively defend ourselves with our actions and put energetic ‘walls’ up to prevent ourselves from being hurt.

For me, it’s my deepest desire NOT to perpetuate this cycle.

It’s my deepest desire to know myself, so that I may know others, completely.

It’s my deepest desire to love myself unconditionally, so that I may love others and the world, unconditionally.

This is how we change the world, without actually changing the world.

This is the legacy I want to contribute to.