I Loveeeee Food.


If there is one thing I absolutely love, it’s food!

Food has played a huge part in my life and not all positive. I’ve had my hang ups about food; from growing up eating sausage sangas with tomato sauce and overeating in a family of six, to bouncing from one health philosophy to another based on trends and ‘expert advice’, to stuck up health nut - however, one thing remained clear, my body has always known best.

I’ve simply had to learn to listen, adapt and accept.

(I know, easier said than done!)

Trust me, it wasn’t an overnight process and in fact, I’m still learning. Because one thing is for sure, the body is always changing and is always informing you what works for YOU and what does not. Hence, why one man’s food is another man’s poison.

How so?

Digestive Health, Dosha & Sustainability (my 3 biggest factors when it comes to addressing nutrition).

As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (with loads of personal research and experience), I’ve learnt a thing or two about nutrition and what it really means to nourish the body.

The best gift I can give you is NOT a meal plan and tell you to track calories, but to educate you on the impact gut health is having on your wellbeing (mostly through the lens of Ayurveda); to bring awareness to your RELATIONSHIP with food and how to create a sustainable approach to nutrition that not only takes into account your LIFESTYLE but allows you to;

  1. Learn to listen to your body, instead of fighting against it.

  2. Adapt when you need to (such as change of seasons or even events in your life).

  3. Invite more fun into the conversation (because resistance and restriction will always do more harm than gluten or dairy ever will).