10 Steps To Building Self Trust & Self Belief


Do you trust yourself?

I’m talking, do you trust the HUGENESS within you, the Creator within you?

Trust is the foundation for all relationships, especially the relationship between yourself and your soul.

So, do you trust your soul more than your ego?

In my experiences, controlling outcomes originates from ego. Trust comes from the soul.

With that in mind, consider this…

Where have you allowed yourself to be led by ego, control, fear etc?

Then, consider a situation where you let go of control and trusted your choices 100 per cent, despite doubt or fear.

Which one worked out for the better? Which experience made you FEEL amazing, perhaps even in awe of life?

My guess, it was probably the latter.

So, how can you trust life to support you in who you want to be and what you deeply desire?

We’re often fearful, rely too much on other people’s opinions and let ourselves down in an effort to please others.

Based on my own experiences, here’s what I’ve found to be beneficial to build up self trust and self belief, so that you can FINALLY put yourself first.

  1. Meditate more.

  2. Create space and cut out the noise so you can hear yourself. (i.e music, tv, social media, podcasts etc).

  3. Journal and get honest with yourself. Acknowledge your biggest fears so they do not continue to control your choices. Acknowledge your dreams even if you’re a little hesitant to consider them a possible reality. Open your heart, observe the mind and be kind to yourself. Let go of fighting yourself in this moment.

  4. Stop doing things that make you feel shit (say no more often than you say yes).

  5. Focus your attention, time and money on the things that matter to you, that bring you closer to who you want to be and closer to joy.

  6. Guard your vibes! (that shit is precious).

  7. Give yourself a break! I don’t mean go on a holiday etc. I mean, FORGIVE YOURSELF, for all the stuff ups and times you’ve allowed ego to lead your decisions. We’re all ‘a work in progress’ - no one is perfect, so...

  8. Stop trying to have it figured out, because the truth is, you never will. There is always more layers to uncover. Let go and trust that life has got your back.

  9. Realise you are supported and loved. If you don’t feel like you are, go find ways that DO make you feel supported and loved.

  10. Accept and adapt. Life gives you a lesson, take it on the chin and keep going. Don’t let disappointment swallow you up. Everything is happening FOR you. Remember that.


  11. Have more fun!

Tahleah Rose