The Importance of Asking Yourself The Right Questions To Alter Your State


What I noticed over time about myself and as someone who used to have frequent panic attacks, is that “Why?” very quickly became a question that led me down a rabbit hole, not always pretty or interesting and made me feel as though I was stabbing in the dark for answers.

This question, “why?” actually kept me in this merry go round of thoughts and emotions. Each question, “why is this happening?” “why do I feel like this?” - kept me further away from real progress.

How so?

I used to pick apart all the details, analyse everything until I was experiencing the classic domino effect of snowballing my thoughts and dead ends that really, just left me mentally and emotionally exhausted.

I knew by how I was feeling that I wasn’t asking myself the RIGHT question.

I flipped it and began to ask “how can I feel relief in this moment?”

What I found was exactly that; relief from incessant thinking and stabbing in the dark. Simply because, I chose to shift my focus to something I could control; HOW I FEEL.

…and a reminder, that we get to choose our state. Which is why developing self awareness through meditation is so important because we get to experience real benefits in our lives.

Meditation teaches us to allow our thoughts and emotions without buying into them. Consequently, we begin to accept the moment as it is - true reality.

ACCEPTING without ‘needing’ to change others or our circumstances is the key to liberation. From here we can RESPOND instead of reacting to the world. We can find our centre and get back into an emotional state of love, joy and appreciation. Which is, the core essence of who we are.

As a result, change occurs from within without forcing, pushing or punishing ourselves.

This is the first step on the path to an easier way of being - a path that naturally leads you to the gatekeeper of your own wisdom within and self mastery.

So, next time you find yourself in a downward spiral, say to yourself “I accept this moment” and then ask “how can I feel relief right now?”

See how the world changes when you choose to accept the things you cannot change and embrace the things you can.

Tahleah Rose