Create Goals With Soul


The feeling of a fresh start and clean slate is enticing (and don’t get me wrong, I love me a proper clean slate), BUT! Before you start making your New Year’s resolutions and 2019 goals, read this so you can truly create an epic year ahead, and make,


So, here’s the process to getting clear and creating your soul goals as a reality;

1. Self Acknowledgement & Reflection

You cannot skip this one my friends. Take a few moments, grab a page in your journal and write down all the big and small things that you did well/accomplished in 2018.

(if you haven’t already - you’ll be surprised at how much you’ve done! Even I was myself, a whole 30 things that I was really stoked about, that funnily enough I hadn’t given much thought to).

Now, write down a few mistakes that you made and the lesson you learned from each. As an important side note to this one, write down HOW you can apply this wisdom moving forward.

2. Intention

I love a solid intention, it forms the foundation of every goal that you desire to manifest. The trick is though, it needs to be true for YOU. Don’t make it ‘airy fairy’ - give yourself some time and space to think about your simple intention for the year ahead. What really matters to you?

How I process this is using the above information in step one, I look at the re-occuring themes in both the things I did well and the mistakes I made.

Most importantly, I want to apply the wisdom from 2018 and put it into action for 2019. So I look at what these lessons represent. For example, a common one may be to ‘slow down’ ‘simplify’ ‘commitment’ or ‘consistency’ - identify the theme and pick one word that summarises it. This is now your intention, essentially.

3. Create goals with soul

This is the magic sauce!

You should neither feel obligated to have big goals or overwhelmed by too many goals.


Further to this, here is an example of a goal with no soul (not to the discredit of any goal, but we’re talking about putting the emphasis on SOUL, not just wants and lofty desires).

E.g ”Lose 10 kgs before tomorrow, so I feel more confident”

Here is how you can switch this up, (even if you do want to lose 10kgs).

“I would like to feel confident in who I am, whilst improving my physical health and wellbeing.”

Same goal, but different lingo!

Try it on, see how your goals could be remixed so that the essence of your soul resides within them and your intention is alive and buzzing. Doing this not only gives you perspective, mentally , emotionally and spiritually, but also allows you to feel INSPIRED to smash your goals, instead of looking for ‘motivation’ just three months into the New Year.

So, here’s some important questions to help you gain clarity and see a glimpse of your soul desires…

Question number one:

What goals/desires do you have now that would make you feel regretful if you didn’t give em’ a shot and at least TRY?

Failing at your dreams is better than the regret of not having tried.

Question number two:

What are your biggest fears?

Your answer will give you an indication of where you need to run TOWARDS.

Once you’ve acknowledged your fears and taken action that is in favour of your soul goals and authentic Self, than you’re no longer supporting your fears by giving them a place to hide.

4. Create the vibe

Using your intention, it’s time to FEEL the vibrational frequency of it.

What do I mean by this?

Simply, think about how you would like to FEEL as you move through 2019 and at the end of 2019.

Take a few moments to close your eyes, breathe and get into that feeling space. For 10 rounds repeat (in your mind), the intention you’ve created from step 2, then start to melt into a blissful visualisation where you can see yourself moving through the year, step by step smashing your goals, feeling every moment and every piece that’s required to get you to where you want to be. AND! Most importantly, who you need to become in the process of achieving your goals.


Don’t be afraid to let it build in your body, excitement, anticipation etc, whatever comes up for you is perfect. Observe, let go of judgement and relax into your near future.

As the intensity builds and the end of 2019 is nearing, take a few moments to give thanks and appreciation for all the experiences along the way as you’ve smashed your goals.

Open your eyes and smile.
Remember that everything is always working out.

5. Action Plan

For each soul goal, I want you to write down ONE step you need to take in order to START and put it on your list of top priorities and schedule time in your calendar to do it.

Remember, always start before you’re ready - this is one of the keys to success!

(and, if it ain’t scheduled, it ain’t happenin’)

Happy New Year Legends - Let’s get it!

Tahleah Rose