How To Find Your Happy


Have you ever felt stuck, as if you were trudging through thick honey or in quicksand being swallowed up with every movement you make?

… Yep, we’ve all been there; stuck in negative emotional states and stress. Not fun!

So, here’s a few questions to guide you out of the thick honey and quicksand and back in your joy zone!

#1 When are you the most happy, (naturally - not forced)? And what are you doing in those moments?

#2 How often do you make time for these things that make you feel happy?

#3 If you had a crystal ball right now, what’s the one thing you know you need to do (that you’re not doing), that would give you more joy?

Joy should come easily to us, however if you find that you’re forcing it than perhaps you may need to create the space for joy to be found and felt.

Joy is within you, let it bubble and ooze from you!

Tahleah Rose