What They Say…

Read my client’s experiences and breakthroughs as a result of working together!

I came to Tahleah two years ago, not really knowing what to expect but open-minded to her philosophy. Having Here's an excerpt from my journal the day of my first coaching session with the terrific Tahleah: ‘Tomorrow is the start of the rest of my life: a 90-day challenge to accomplish as much as I can, take risks, and follow the fun along the way!

Today was an excellent day. My first session with a coach, EVER! Today was borderline surreal with the amount of deja vu I experienced (which I take to be a sign of co-incidence/significance)! In one short session, somehow I learned SO much about myself. Before today, I've been constantly over-analyzing and overthinking, trying to figure out if spending money on a coach is worth it... well, it definitely is!

Tahleah helps me wrap my head around fundamental, crucial decisions I need to make, which could very likely be the path to a more exciting, fulfilling life. To coach, however, I must be coached first. In her own words: ‘Follow the Fun,’ and Tahleah is both Fun and worthy of Following to an incredible future!’

Since then, the last 50 days have been RIDICULOUS! I've gained clarity on my life's mission. Broken bad habits, gotten my lazy ass in the gym every day, discovered WHY I seek a destiny of service to others, have nurtured important relationships, fully booked and paid off a life-changing adventure to Southeast Asia, and become so much more comfortable in my own skin in each moment. From the bottom of my heart, to every atom which constitutes my being; I thank you, Tahleah. For being everything you are and sharing your gifts with the world.




“Thank you for your beautiful honesty and staying true to your higher self and serving others.”




I came to Tahleah two years ago, not really knowing what to expect but open-minded to her philosophy. Having struggled for ten years prior with depression and anxiety and a number of unhealthy coping mechanisms. I had tried several medications, therapists and exercise and diet regimes which only ever provided short-term fixes.

Tahleah helped me to peel back the layers of unhelpful self-beliefs, recognise what values were important to me and how to live a life in alignment with these. Her holistic approach saw us create positive changes in my nutrition, exercise and self-connection using recipes, programs and meditations completely tailored to my experience.

Since committing to my journey with Tahleah and the ongoing adventure of self-discovery, I have been incredibly rewarded. I have found a new resilient, calm and contented energy towards life.




Priorities were my main issue when I met Tahleah, she is really great at looking at things and putting them in perspective. She has a great ability to evaluate people and see their true potential. She will make your failure your success or turn your success into greatness!

By spending time talking to her and going through each step of my weaknesses, I've had a chance to de-clutter my thoughts. Doing this has given me the chance to focus on what is important and better myself in what I want done and do it better. I've only recently met her and can't speak any long term results, I can say in a short period of time I have been able to rethink how I do things and better my lifestyle choices and get my priorities in line.

I would definitely recommend Tahleah to anyone that needs a peron to get things back in order or just if they want to better themselves or what they do. She is friendly, understanding and has a great way to look at things being able to give good feedback to you.

Thank you!




When I met Tahleah I was in a dark place. I was struggling with self-esteem and self-love. I had the feeling I wasn’t good enough, pretty enough, smart enough... I felt overwhelmed with my life. It has also had an impact on my health. I suffered from eczema and back pain. I wasn’t able to feel my emotions.

Together, we went through the different aspects of my life to find where the blockages were and together, we dissolved them. We worked with different techniques like meditation and visualisation.

I noticed the first results during our 6 months 1:1 program. A bad day was just a bad day and a bad day didn’t lead to a bad week anymore.

4 months after the end of the program, I feel amazing. I have a lot of energy. I’m calm and happy. I really enjoy my life. My skin is healed. No more eczema!

If you have the feeling that you’re stuck in your life, that you’re in a dark place and you don’t know how to get out of it, please reach out to Tahleah. She is amazing!